The weather in April and ... our Beatrice 🍇

In the first week of April 2021, here in Tuscany as in all of Italy and Europe, we had a substantial change in weather, where together with the long-awaited rain, the cold arrived again which slowed down and in many cases also seriously affected the first spring growth and future production.

However, we can declare DIADEMA Winery, Fattoria Villa L'Olmo and Fattoria di Collefertile extremely lucky.

In fact, the great frosts that hit Northern Italy and France at night from 7 to 9 April and which recorded temperatures down to -8 °, so much so that 70% of farmers request a state of natural disaster, did not touched our plants.

Our first sprouts, both in the vineyard and on the olive trees, always under methodical control, have continued to live and thrive, albeit slightly slowed down by the lowering of temperatures.

Our hills in the heart of Tuscany and the prodigious natural ventilation that exists between them have acted as shelter and containment to most of the cold currents, while the air flows have avoided the dangerous stagnation at night and thus saving the land and the our plants in rebirth.

And so walking among the rows we tasted only the wonderful sense of the RAIN, a fine but dense and penetrating rain, which gave us the scent of wet grass, the plants with new more intense and shiny colors and the tenuous softness of the earth that accompanied our steps.

Hoping to please you, we will analyze together the path of this year 2021, always bringing you the most interesting points.

An ever-present window will be on our pilot vine, which we called "Beatrice" in memory and honor of our great poet Dante Alighieri and whose 700 year anniversary since his death is celebrated this year in Florence, Tuscany and around the world.

Beatrice's progress and changes will be really interesting, and will allow you, even if far away, to follow the evolution of nature and our production here in Tuscany.

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