Biodiversity: element of excellence in DIADEMA selected Champagnes

Protecting and encouraging biodiversity in the vineyard means observing, studying, understanding, drawing on the strengths and resources of nature, its flora and fauna to create a naturally balanced environment, obtaining excellent products in constant harmony with the ecosystem.

This is the case of our CHAMPAGNE DIADEMA selected, DEMETER organic certificated, and produced in France by biodynamic agriculture, where the particular innovations recently introduced by the small producer with whom we collaborate in the Côte de Bar region, in terms of biodiversity are really amazing.

In fact, HENS of the Fléche breed, an ancient and endangered breed, nicknamed the Devil's Hen, have been added to the vineyard.

The hens, thanks to a mobile domestic chicken coop that allows them to be transported from one vineyard to another, scratch freely at the foot of the vines, carrying essential microorganisms through their excrement and pecking all parasitic insects, naturally releasing the plants.

After the Flèche hens, two other peculiarities were introduced.

The first is the methodical planting of APPLE TREES in the heart of the vineyards; this makes the vines much more resistant thanks to the microorganisms present on the fruit trees, while creating a diversity of species and ideal habitat for auxiliary insects of crops and pollinators.

Apple trees also absorb carbon dioxide, storing carbon as they grow, thus helping to mitigate climate change.

The second and most recent is the introduction of SHEEPS

Here, too, a particular breed of sheep has been chosen, the Shropshire, a rustic English breed that in addition to being very long-lived has the particularity, if raised in the correct way, of not eating the bark of the vines, but of eating all the other types of grass. Grazing sheep, in addition to creating the ideal humus of the land, allow excellent management of the growth of herbs in the vineyard.

The search for quality and the protection of nature and its expressions, and advanced production techniques, therefore allow us to have two excellent champagnes in our line, our Dosage Zèro Diadema Selected, a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and our Cuvée Rosée Diadema Selected, with a pure Pinot Noir

CHAMPAGNE Dosage Zèro DIADEMA selected is one of the most exclusive and sophisticated champagnes on the market. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir blend elegantly giving life to an exclusive, delicate and soft product, with a lively and captivating perlage. Its uniqueness is completed by the label made with Swarovski crystals and the elegant gift box.

CHAMPAGNE Cuvée Rosée DIADEMA selected, champagne with an extremely lively and round taste is produced exclusively with Pinot Noir. Aromas of wild strawberries and vanilla, embellished with delicious hints of citrus notes, ensure that our Cuvée Rosée offers an enchanting sensory pleasure that cannot be forgotten. Its particularity is completed by the label made with Swarovski crystals and the elegant gift box.

Both of our champagnes can also be an exclusive GIFT IDEA.

In fact, for both products, on request, we offer in our DIADEMA GIFTS section, personalized retro labels of your choice, with names, phrases, thoughts and dates to remember.

We always take care of every detail and try always be in tune with the needs of our customers

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