Inprunetis IGT Toscana, wine in amphora, a return to the past for an eco-sustainable future

Amphorae and terracotta jars for the preservation of fermented foods and drinks were used since ancient times. The Greeks seem to have been the first to use terracotta, a technique that was later spread to Italy by the Etruscans. Producing wine in amphora was the norm and this is demonstrated by the many archaeological finds found throughout Italy.

In recent years, the techniques of vinification and aging in terracotta amphorae have been rediscovered for various reasons. Terracotta provides excellent thermal insulation, allows the wine to oxygenate less than that of a barrique, but comparable to it with the advantage of not adding anything to the wine, neither tannins nor aromas. Compared to concrete, it creates isolation with the addition of healthy oxygenation, which helps to revive the aromas and enliven the grapes, and is a very suitable container for bringing out the varietal and the fruit in general, and giving breath and oxygenation to intense varieties and rich.

Our DIADEMA IMPRUNETIS IGT Toscana focuses precisely on these reasons, showing as an added value the undisputed link to Impruneta, the Italian territory symbol of the art of terracotta production.

The pure Sangiovese of Diadema Inprunetis IGT Toscana offers us a wine with a garnet red color, intense and aromatic made of ripe red fruits and a characteristic mineral aroma deriving from aging in terracotta amphorae. The same terracotta bottle recalls with decision and elegance the dawn of the history of wine in Italy.

With Inprunetis IGT Toscana we are faced with an excellent rarity that allows us to rediscover the ancient flavors and aromas of wine and give us a magical return to the origins with a firm look at an eco-sustainable future.

Scores - Vintage 2018 - J.Suckling 91/100 -On the nose pressed berries, with savory and intense notes of terracotta and black pepper. It is medium-bodied and fresh with soft and silky tannins. Sapid and mineral. Aged in terracotta amphorae.

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