The universe of Fattoria Villa L’Olmo does not stop at regular production.
In fact, it is part of the same brand, Unique; which is considered to be our first line olive oli obtained after a careful and obsessive selection of the farm’s olive production and processed on the same day of the harvest in the Fattoria Villa L’Olmo olive press.
It is a jewel of the Tuscan agricultural tradition, just like its 0.5lt bottle rich in refined taste.
Unique is characterized by a very important and distinguish label made of postcards that are part of thefamily’s private collection.

The reasons why this bottle of extra virgin olive oil is Unique are multiple …

It is Unique because it derives from the fruit of our olive groves and from the result of cold pressing in our mill.

It is Unique because the label is a postcard written and stamped in a historical period that goes from 1800 to 1940.

It is Unique because it carries with it a story, not only of the era in which it was written but also of those who were protagonists of it.

By purchasing Unique you will own a unique item.
Appreciate our oil on your table and keep the postcard as a souvenir of a piece of history. We have designed a transparent PVC pocket to allow you to easily extract the postcard and choose whether to have it on the side of the image or on the side of the original message.