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Diadema is born in the very heart of Tuscany, where continuous research work in quality binds with three other factors, the three main traits of Diadema: land, style and innovation. This very project embodies experience and attention to all of nature’s and time’s gifts. The product’s perfection excels mass production. The Dna of Diadema is a fine alchemy among stylistic research and terroir. Diadema emulates passion for its florentine countryside, which has been created and depicted in such a unique manner. When you think of Diadema, future comes to mind. 

Diadema, was born in 2004 with its first Wine, with a label set using Swarovski crystals handmade by skilled Florentine craftsmen. Diadema entered on tiptoes in the world of wine, with countless international awards that brought it to the Olympus.