Olive oil



Extravirgin Olive Oil  



Terroir                            Toscana – Chianti

Varietis                           Moraiolo,Frantoio e Leccino

Milled                               In the Property

Characterized by its brilliant and intense green colour, the Diadema Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is fruit of Fattoria Villa l’Olmo’s carefully selected olives, which are picked once they are perfectly ripe, and the olives reflect a delicate golden yellow tone and a good consistency.

The aroma perceived is fresh-cut grass and green tomatoes. At a first tasting, the palate perceives a complex taste of almonds with an aftertaste reminiscent of artichokes and ripe olives; afterwards, the taste is fruity with touches of well-proportioned spices while the final sensation is delicate and pleasantly tangy.

The suggestive Tuscan production of extra virgin olive oil at Fattoria Villa l’Olmo goes back many centuries to the first half of the XVIIIth century. Today, the orchard covers approximately 23 hectares of the estate where the Moraiolo, Frantoio and Pendolino olives are cultivated. Pruning is carried out every two years. Once ripe, the olives are hand-picked.

This begins at the end of October and continues until the first ten days of November. The olives are cold pressed in the Fattoria Villa l’Olmo’s oil mill, pressed on the very same day they are picked.