diadema vineyards

The History

The Philosophy

Diadema is born in the very heart of Tuscany, where continuous research work in Quality binds with three other factors, the three main traits of Diadema: Land, Style and Innovation. This very project embodies Experience and Attention to all of nature’s and time’s gifts. The product’s perfection excels mass production. The Dna of Diadema is a fine Alchemy among Stylistic Research and Terroir. Diadema emulates passion for its Florentine countryside, which has been created and depicted in such a unique manner. When you think of Diadema, Future comes to mind. New biodynamic techniques perfection the already experimental IGT Superiors inspired by Terracotta, and new experimental techniques for the Sangiovese Millesimato too.

The History

Diadema was created in year 2003 by Alberto Giannotti with a strong desire to break with tradition while respecting its past. To design a bottle of wine and olive oil in a style without precedent. To astonish with the beauty of the container itself, and to further astound with the quality of its contents. In 2017 four friends decide to continue the Diadema Legacy with a project looking towards the future, with respect to its territory, continuing its stylistic research while in the search for innovative techniques in ageing and production methods. In the close future the Diameda project will espouse the project Hospitality of Relais Villa Olmo and both together will offer a Diadema Experience intensified to the utmost level.

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