Diadema Rosé


a.o.c. Provence - 0,75lt

  • OENOLOGIST Nicolas Turounet
  • VARIETIES Syrah, Grenache e Cinsault
  • AGEING in cement vats

The Diadema Rosé was born when Alberto Giannotti, and Henri Fabres, one of the finest tradition rosé wine producers in Provence-Côte d’ Azur met. Diadema Rosé is one of the most attractive high scale rosé wines combining pleasure, elegance and voluptuousness in its uniqueness. Created from an astonishing mixture of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault varieties, this nectar, with its silky colour is a delight for experienced tasters. To enable a maximum conservation of the aromas and the quality of each grape variety the harvesting takes place in the evening and is followed by a low temperature maceration allowing a maximum extraction of the fragrances and aromas.

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