Diadema Inprunetis

Diadema Inprunetis

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“innovation meets ancient knowledge and old materials”

DIADEMA “INPRUNETIS” is an exceptional Tuscan red wine made from a meticulous selection of Sangiovese aged in Terracotta Amphora.
INPRUNETIS means “within the pine woods”, the ancient name of the hills of Impruneta, one of the most beautiful spots overlooking Florence, in the Chianti Area . DIADEMA “INPRUNETIS” was born from the desire to discover new flavour and tasting experiences with ancient vinification techniques already used in the Etruscan civilization period.
The selected high-quality Sangiovese berries ferment into temperature-controlled, glass-lined cement vats, at about 25-28°C. Once the malolactic is complete, the wine is transferred in small not glassified Terracotta Amphoraes for 9 months. Amphorae allow indirect microxygenation, similarly to barriques, avoiding reduction excesses during maturation but prevents barrique flavoring.
The wine colour is garnet-red with glints of ruby . The complex nose shows a rich and aromatic medley of ripe red fruits, wild red berries, violets and a distinctive mineral-earthy aromas deriving from the aging in terracotta amphora.
The tannins are elegant, fully integrated into a well balanced, medium-body structure. During the finish mineral notes give again a great freshness.

  • OENOLOGIST Stefano Chioccioli
  • AGEING In terracotta Amphora for 9 months
  • VINIFICATION In temperature-controlled, glass-lined cement vats at
  • PAIRING Fresh pasta with ragù, legumes soup, beef tagliata, grilled red meat, salamis and aged cheese

The Terracotta from Impruneta finds its origin in the first Estruscan settlements.
The terracotta products of Impruneta differ quite a bit from other terracotta products. This has to do with the distinctiveness of the Impruneta territory and with the use of a special chemical composition: the clay. The raw material, once processed and burned, gives a warm and colorful tint as well as its extraordinary high resistance to all weather conditions.
DIADEMA INPRUNETIS was matured in Amphoras of 600 liters made of prestigious Terracotta from Impruneta, which has been chosen by Filippo Brunelleschi for the construction of the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

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